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The Mile End Poets’ Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival focusing on literature in performance. Its goal was to present in a single local festival a range of the exciting artistic activity regularly taking place in and around Montreal’s Mile End district. The district is home to a huge number of poets, musicians, writers, dancers and performers.


The festival was founded in 2010 by Montreal poet, performer and curator Ian Ferrier, with help from writer/performers Moe Clark and Kaie Kellough. In its first year it was entirely artist-funded. It presented four nights of programming, each curated by a different artist or poet from the Mile End. This has been the model ever since. The festival now regularly receives much needed support from both the Canada Council for the Arts and the Quebec Writers’ Federation. It presents work from multiple artistic communities with links to work by First Nations, literary and performance poetry artists, contemporary dancers, top artists from the city and elsewhere in Canada, and musicians who both tour internationally and regularly work in the neighbourhood’s exciting performance venues.


In 2017, Ian Ferrier was joined by Northern Irish poet & performer Rachel McCrum as Administrative Director for the Festival.


Thank you


Mile End Poets' Festival is made possible by financial assistance from the Canadian Council for the Arts, through the Quebec Writers' Federation, and we would like to thank them for that. We'd also like to thank all the artists and venues who make this possible.

We would also like to say thank you to Moe Clark, who has designed the 2017 and 2018 MEPF logos and posters. More of her work can be found here:



Le festival Mile End Poets est rendu possible grâce à l'aide financière du Conseil Canadien des Arts, par l'entremise de la Fédération des écrivains du Québec, et nous tenons à les remercier. Nous aimerions également remercier tous les artistes et lieux qui rendent cela possible.

Nous aimerions remercier Moe Clark, qui a dessiné les logos et les affiches du MEPF de 2017 et 2018. On peut trouver plus de son travail ici:

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