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Welcome and the 2018 Mile End Poets' Festival!


Thursday November 22nd - 25th, 2018.

Various venues, Mile End, Montréal.

This year's Festival celebrates some of the best of Montreal's multilingualism, both here at home, and by reaching out to cultures, languages, and disciplines across the world. There are explorations of resonance and of echo; of listening even as we strain to understand across language, across distance. These events loop and weave around one another: our poets bring a generosity of spirit, and a sense of adventure. Text, voice, performance, music, film and, as always, centred around the intense artistic community of Montreal's Mile End. Our venues this year include La Sala Rossa, Espace Pop, Resonance Café, and Casa del Popolo.

This November, come play with us. We'd love to see you.


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Erin Robinsong _ Photo by Bernardo Ferna
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